Thursday, August 18, 2011

There are how many hours in the day?

Cause 24 sounds like a lot. . . but I do not get nearly that many out of it! I get up at 6:30, get myself and the kids ready, take them to school and go to work, get off work and pick them up, feed them and get us ready for the next day, and go to bed. What am I accomplishing here? Okay fine, so they are getting an education which I understand is vital for them later and I am working so I can feed them and pay SOME of my bills but really??? All that time and that's all I get out of it? I'm truly thinking that life would be much more enjoyable if we moved somewhere that I could make baskets and put them on the streets selling Chiclets. We would only have to do that for about 6 hours of the day and it would take much less preparation. How pretty would they have to look to sell Chiclets?

I don't think my mother or their father would approve of this move, however. So tell me, how do the supermoms do it?  I really need to work on my organizational skills, I guess. And I need to give up some sleep. Seems to me that most men I know require about 5 hours sleep and women need 6-8. There is a definite design flaw here. Maybe it's just that only having to focus on 1 thing at a time is not nearly as exhausting as what women have to focus on in a day? (that's as much bashing as I will do, but am I wrong?)

So here is what I have to find time to fit in:
Exercise - I try to walk at lunch when I can, but really just have to find a way to make myself get up in the morning and do more before the girls are even awake. There goes sleep time. And losing sleep for exercise? That is a hard sell in my head!
House stuff - I mean I clean, do dishes, do laundry... the stuff that has to get done, but there are closets and drawers that need some major tending to! I bet if I cleaned everything out I could open my very own "As seen on TV" store, right in my garage and I'm not even going to talk about what my garage looks like. Uugghh!
And I really need to paint. The walls are just way too dirty to clean, paint is the only thing that will work. I bet when I'm done it will look like some cool textured pattern even, thought it will really just be painted over dirt.
Kid stuff - I am the daisy scout leader, but there are karate classes and acting classes in my near future (because my household needs more drama), and we all know how much time those things take.  And I don't ever read to the kids anymore or push them to do extra projects for school. They are smart girls but they really need to be working on college scholarships, I'm just sayin'.
So there are just 3 facets of life that I need time for. You notice I have nothing in there set aside as trashy TV time or Facebook time. I've got to have that! And then there is what I will merely call "social" time.  In other words beer drinking time, which leads to less sleep and much less motivation the next day. OH, and also leads to need for more exercise. I mean who created this vicious cycle?

So here I am again, searching for motivation.  Trying to find balance. Trying to teach myself to take one step at a time. I have to learn to make time for what I need to do, but to also be okay with myself when things don't happen and aren't perfect. I think focus is an issue for me here as well.  Finding a way to focus on one thing, complete it, then move on to the next.  Instead everything looks like a giant meatball that I need to take apart and devour the ingredients separately but all at the same time! (Ouch that made my stomach hurt just imagining it, maybe it would all go down better with beer?)
So I have to learn how to push myself, sacrifice, and forgive myself when I don't.  That sounds easy on paper, doesn't it?  Wish me luck!!  

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